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RightEye Sensorimotor [Eye_Exam]

A healthy visual system is so much more than just 20/20 eyesight. The inability to control eye movements, or having misaligned eyes, renders it impossible to receive a unified 3D image to their brain.

The RightEye Vision System™ eye exam uses sensorimotor technology to detect complex eye movement patterns, recognize ocular motor imbalances and observe how the eyes are tracking.

RightEye is non-invasive and takes just a few minutes to give your eye doctor a full picture of how your eyes are moving. It can assist in diagnosing binocular disorders and oculomotor dysfunction — problems with eye alignment and the eyes’ ability to work together and track across a page or screen.

Who Can Benefit from RightEye Technology?

It’s estimated that 30% of people have binocular vision issues or oculomotor problems that can’t be diagnosed using a standard vision acuity eye test. However, many traditional tests of eye movements are time-consuming and don’t provide objective results that help lead to a diagnosis. A RightEye exam can quickly and accurately diagnose vision problems in patients who:

  • Have reading difficulties
  • Experience eye-hand coordination problems
  • Are recovering from concussion or traumatic brain injury
  • Have problems with eye alignment
  • Report symptoms such as double or blurry vision

What Happens During a RightEye Exam?

The RightEye eye exam is offered at our practice and takes only 5 minutes to complete. The patient is connected to the sensorimotor device, which measures and generates a comprehensive graphic representation of the full pattern of eye movements.

Cloud-based technology translates these patterns of eye movements into graphics and charts that can be shared with patients and eye care professionals. The charts are also useful as benchmarks to measure how much progress is being made through therapy and treatments.

RightEye has a range of specific modes of testing modules, including dynamic vision, reading and sports.

How Does Your Eye Doctor Use RightEye Technology Results?

Because RightEye technology records eye data in a quantitative, user-friendly way, your eye doctor can use this data to diagnose eye and vision problems based on the results of the test. If an eye condition or vision irregularity is detected, your eye doctor may prescribe glasses, contact lenses, vision therapy or other treatments to improve the functioning of the eyes and visual system.

Do you have difficulty reading or experience blurred or double vision? Have you suffered a head injury? Contact us to schedule your RightEye Sensorimotor Exam at Orangeville Vision Development Centre in Orangeville today!