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Orangeville Brain Injury Clinic

Head injuries can profoundly impact our overall well-being, especially regarding vision. Yet, the connection between brain injury and visual problems is often overlooked. Discover how our specialized vision care can improve recovery and enhance the flow of information between your eyes and brain.

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How a Brain Injury Can Impact Your Vision

Vision is a crucial source of sensory information, and its connection to the brain makes it vulnerable to disruptions caused by an acquired brain injury. As a result, various vision problems can arise, including:

Blurred vision
Sensitivity to light
Reading difficulties; words appear to move
Comprehension, attention, and concentration difficulties
Memory difficulty
Double vision
Aching eyes
Headaches with visual tasks
Loss of visual field

Brain Vision and Concussion Clinic in Orangeville

When it comes to brain injuries, many healthcare professionals and rehabilitation centers overlook the profound impact on vision. This lack of awareness leads to incomplete treatment and frustration for patients and their families.

Acquired brain injury can manifest in various ways, resulting in different diagnoses. Here are some commonly encountered conditions:

Traumatic brain injury
Mild acquired brain injury
Mild closed head injury
Post-concussive syndrome
Cervical trauma syndrome
Post-traumatic vision syndrome
Cerebral palsy

Vision care professionals, especially those trained in working with acquired brain injury patients, can fill this crucial gap in rehabilitative services. Through specialized vision therapy and appropriate lenses, a behavioural optometrist can play a vital role in improving the flow and processing of visual information between the eyes and the brain.

At Orangeville Vision Development Centre, our team of experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive care and tailored treatment plans for patients with brain injuries, including concussions. Don’t let visual problems hinder your recovery—visit our injury clinic in Orangeville for specialized care.